9 steps on the way to yours professional Movie Critique Essay

9 steps on the way to yours professional Movie Critique Essay

While many people enjoy movies, watching them for the sole purpose of writing a movie critique paper creates a new paradigm to approaching the movies. A wide array of films is produced annually, and people are often indecisive on which movies to watch – a problem a critique paper on a movie aim to resolve. This article outlines the nine steps on how to write a movie critique paper. Reading a professional movie review differs from getting an opinion on a movie from a friend not experienced in the area. Alongside the information provided in this article, the example of a movie critique paper is presented that can add further directions and clarity to the matter. The fundamental aspect to consider when conducting and documenting a movie review is in understanding its intended purpose. The review should share information about the characters in the film; the conclusions reached in the analysis should always be objective while also enriched with personal opinions on the overall experience presented in the movie. The review has to provide a comparison among movies to enable readers to gain an opinion on whether or not to watch a movie.

Below are the nine steps to be followed in writing a movie critique paper:


  1. Begin by choosing a film you want to critique. While most people would choose to write about the films they like, you can critique one you did not like. It adds a new perspective when you describe what you liked and did not like about the movie.
  2. Watch the movie more than once to understand the plot, the characters, and their motives. Watching the movie only one time will not give you the whole picture of events pictured.
  3. Make notes while watching the movie as it helps you keep track of ideas that come to mind instantly.
  4. Research the movie to understand the production process and highlight standout facts you discover. You need to understand the movie from multiple perspectives.
  5. Analyze the movie and determine how producers performed with respect to implementing the original ideas. Discuss your impression of the movie with a different person to get new ideas on how to approach your analysis.
  6. Create a review outline detailing the main ideas to be explored and ensure you stick to them.
  7. Select an intriguing title that will draw attention to your review.
  8. Compose the review after gathering your thoughts and completing the research. Give an overview of the review to provide key details to the readers, but avoid spoiling the movie for the audience. Identify the points that you liked and those you disliked, reinforcing your thoughts with examples from the movie. You can comment on various aspects of the movie, including originality, and comparing it to other films.
  9. Take time to re-energize and edit your review, checking for errors and ensuring coherency. The ideas should flow and the movie critique needs to be logical and informative.


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