Columbia supplemental essays

The approach of four supplemental essays

Columbia University is one of the most respected institutions of higher learning in the world. A common practice among high school graduates and other learners seeking to enter universities is that they have to write an essay that is taken under consideration by the institution. However, Columbia University takes a different approach in that it asks the prospective learners to provide a list of their ideal college experiences that they would like or expect. This approach is crucial because the university is highly selective of the students it picks as driven by its rich history and reputation, and the fact that it has to set itself apart from other institutions. Consequently, Columbia University provides four supplemental essays to the various applicants, with the essays further categorized into two groups, group one and group two.

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The group one essays ask the potential applicant questions that relate to Columbia University. Similarly, rather than requiring the applicant to write an application essay like a majority of other colleges, group one supplemental essay questions engage the applicant about their expectations of a university. This implies that applicants are asked to reveal their expectations such as what they look for in a college community and some of the literature they may have read in high school. On the other hand, group two supplemental essay questions ask the participant why they prefer to join Columbia University as opposed to other institutions of higher learning. Furthermore, the group two questions also further task the participant to reveal how they have prepared for the course they intend to pursue. Therefore, this approach seems more practical as it engages the applicant and makes them evaluate their decision to join Columbia University. Additionally, when a university has limited spaces and a relatively low admittance rate, it is important to ensure the selection process is thorough and given to the most deserving.

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