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Writing an essay is one of the most important academic competencies that a student can have. An essay provides an avenue for expression for students in which they can detail their experiences, opinions, beliefs, perspectives, and arguments in a structured and organized manner. Furthermore, depending on the field in which the author of an essay specializes in, essays come in a wide variety of topics and give the authors room to concurrently learn and expand their knowledge base. However, the human experience is diverse meaningthat there can be great variance in perspectives and approaches over a particular subject matter as informed by generated knowledge and paradigm shifts. This leads to the subject matter of re-writing essays. Rewriting an essay is an intriguing concept as it entails an author being able to rethink what has already been written and present it another or better format. Therefore, rewriting an essay means that the author has to understand the subject matter well enough to be able to provide a similar or different perspective without having to lose the message in an essay.

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One of the most important skills in rewriting an essay is paraphrasing. Paraphrasing allows an author to pick an idea or concept from another work of literature and communicate this idea or concept in the author’s unique context without losing meaning. This again implies that rewriting an essay requires the ability to understand concepts and translate this comprehension into something meaningful that mirrors the original work. Moreover, the re-written essay also needs to be presented in a formatted structure to demonstrate competency and that research has been conducted. Additionally, rewriting an essay can be done through drafts, whereby an author works on an essay and submits it for analysis that ultimately lead to the development of a superior final product or essay.

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