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Columbia University has a very unique approach, which it uses in the selection criteria for the prospective students. Rather than having the applicants write a single essay, the university has a set of “supplementary essay” questions that helps the applicant evaluate what kind of university they prefer, how they are prepared for the university, and why they chose the university. Consequently, the supplemental essays are grouped into two, with group two supplemental essay questions ask the participant why they prefer to join Columbia University as opposed to other institutions of higher learning. These questions are what are referred to as the “Why Columbia” essays because they are responsible for evaluating whether the university is the correct fit for the applicant or whether the applicant is suitable for the university.

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As a result, Columbia University uses the Why Columbia essays to evaluate the interest level of its applicants. Additionally, the university also uses these essays to gauge whether the applicants are well placed to utilize the various resources and opportunities available at the institution. Therefore, the applicants need to make a good impression with the admissions committee by showcasing their interest and value. It is often accepted that an applicant that is passionate about a university is more likely to feel that the university is right for them, thus creating an enabling environment for their academic and professional success. As one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, the university is aware of its status seeking to allow only the best students to become part of its community. Columbia places great emphasis on the value the applicants will bring to its academic circles rather than all the standard screening tools used by other colleges and universities. Consequently, this ensures that applicants who are able to present top ‘Why Columbia essays’ are more likely to enroll and ultimately graduate, thus improving the yield rate of the institution, while still being able to maintain higher standards of education and practice.

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