Money back guarantee

We are authorised to act on behalf of the Writers to assess refund requests on an individual basis.

Money-Back Guarantee allows to request a refund if the Writer Services were accomplished below the conditions set out in the Order Form or provided for in the Service Contract, or Money-Back Guarantee. For the purposes hereof, “Service Contract” means the relationship between you and a Writer governing the Writer Services to be performed by a Writer for you.

The refunds are given at Our own discretion upon the quality assurance procedure specified herein. We reserve the right to act otherwise than provided for by the Money-Back Guarantee to satisfy the Customer as We understand that the circumstances of the case might be unique.

You should check your profile thoroughly as well as messages for any requests, notifications, reminders, etc. made by the Writer or by Us. You assume all the responsibility for providing all the significant materials, as well as clear requirements while making an order.

You are offered 3 business days (72 hours) to request a refund in case you were dissatisfied with the Writer Services Outcome (”Refund Period”). Once the Refund Period is over, We will not provide a refund. It is possible only for the orders being in progress.

Our Money-Back Guarantee policy allows you to request a full/ partial*/zero refund depending on the circumstances described below.

*Partial refunds can be issued as an exception, as described below.

Providing the detailed record of violations (ROV) is the compulsory requirement being an important part of a refund request process.

The ROV is a numbered list of details and any discrepancies between the standards and requirements set out in the Order Form, and the actual Outcome of Writer Services, which you refer to as the basis for your refund request.

Quality-based refund requests will be assessed by Us within 3-5 business days upon the receipt of refund request.

You can request a limitless number of revisions within the following time frames:

– orders up to 10 pages – within 14 days after the order delivery (the deadline indicated on the order);

– orders over 10 pages – within 30 days after the order delivery (the deadline indicated on the order).

If you need a revision, you will be asked to grant to the Writer some extra time or to extend the deadline. Please consider that the Writer needs at least 24 hours to revise the order.

Complaints and Disputes Conditions


The Site ( is only a platform, and in no case will it be a party to any contracts made by expert Writers and Customers or any other service or materials provided by the Writer. The Site will in no way be responsible for monitoring any transactions between Customers and Writers made directly.

‍Our Refund Policy gives you the right to request reimbursement if the given Product wasn’t performed by the Writer in accordance with the requirements set out in your Order. As our website offers Services related to legitimate academic assistance, we want to be 100% sure that you leave fully satisfied!

‍In order to make our Policy as transparent as possible, we emphasize that there are certain situations when we can offer a refund. These are:

‍* No Writer or Tutor Assigned Yet

‍This is a rare situation, but it might happen occasinally. The amount of the refund is always 100%.

‍* Late Cancellation

‍The Writer was confirmed, but you decided to cancel the Order. In this case, the refund amount varies from 100% to 70% to cover the effort of the Site and the Writer in their attempt to provide you with the product and services purchased. This applies to cases when the paper has not been uploaded yet. If the work was already completed, then the case will be checked as a Disputed Claim. Such claims are checked by our Quality Assurance department which decides the amount of refund on offer.

‍* Late Delivery

‍The Site will refund an appropriate amount to compensate for the late delivery. The exact amount will be discussed with the Customer. In cases of Late Delivery due to the Customer’s inability to provide necessary information for order completion, no refund can be granted. That is why the best scenario is to send all information regarding the task, including any additional sources that must be used all at once when placing the order initially.

‍If the Order has been completed after the initial deadline passed yet the Customer still needs to use the work, they may get a partial refund.

‍* Disputed claims

‍If the Customer is not satisfied and would like to get a refund instead, the Quality Assurance Department will conduct an investigation. The refund claim will be approved or denied based on the result of the investigation. Keep in mind that we always want our Customers to be fully satisfied. Hence, we will always do our best to treat the Customer fairly and achieve maximum Customer satisfaction.

‍* Accidental Duplicate Order

‍In order to cancel an Order placed by mistake, you need to contact us as soon as possible. You need to clarify that the other Order is not needed, and a full refund will be processed. The Order would be treated as being valid if we did not receive any cancellation request before a Writer has been assigned. You can still cancel the Order, but one of the situations listed above will be applied.

‍* Two invoices received

‍If you are billed twice, you need to notify us immediately, especially if Your Personal Balance didn’t change. You need to send us both receipts so we can properly address the issue and process the full refund for the extra charge. This instance happens on very rare occasions. There is no way for a Customer to be billed for any single order unless they paid for it by mistake.

‍* Content originality

‍If there is a claim in respect of the Product’s originality, a clear report (by any reputable service) with evidence is required, or else no refund is possible.


* You used the Product for personal purposes or as a part of another Order on the Site. In that case, at least 70% of the contract price should be released. Yet, the sum may be modified according to the QA Department investigation.

‍* A lower grade than what was expected is received. Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee high grades. Our Site is a learning platform that cooperates with Customers and education experts with the purpose of improving Customer’s educational levels. Thus, we can’t offer a refund for a claim of a failed course or a similar one because the Writer’s task is to help the Customer in accordance with the requirements set out in the Order. It is the Customer’s duty to perform educational tasks independently.

‍* The editing and proofreading Order did not meet your expectations. Your task is to provide Writers with clear requirements and expectations with respect to Order to be delivered. Thus we are not responsible for errors of contextual nature or instances of content originality problems in materials provided by you to the Writer. The Customer is not entitled to a refund if the Product delivery failed due to quality issues when it is an editing or proofreading order. Moreover, any attempt to choose editing/rewriting Orders as initial instructions and pressuring Writers to produce new content will be deemed as malicious acts?

‍* The refund period has passed. Refunds are available within six months of the original transaction date. Money can be returned to the original payment method that was used for the initial purchase. If six months have passed since the transaction date, we cannot offer you a refund.


Once you receive the refund confirmation, the Site will process it within two business days. Please note that the Site can not be held responsible for your Bank Transfer fees, transfer anomalies, and/or possible delays occurring due to any Bank service issues.


In the event of a chargeback by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by us) in connection with your purchase of the Services, you agree that we may suspend access to any and all accounts you have with us. Fees incurred as the result of chargebacks or other payment disputes brought by you, your bank, or a payment provider and disputes that require accounting or legal services shall be covered by you.


We use third-party payment services to bill you through an online payments account in lieu of directly processing your credit/debit card information. Your paid balance is safe in your account as we use an integrated iframe for checkouts from our partners-payment providers, and the Writers get paid for each confirmed Product. Correspondingly all transactions are secured as our partners-payment providers use encryption protection. We do not store your payment information on our servers.

Authorship After Refund

If the Order is canceled, the Customer is prohibited from using the Products that have been provided before the cancellation. According to our Terms and Conditions, we keep full authorship of the Products from the canceled order, and you will have no right to use them. In addition, the Product will be uploaded to repository services repositories; thus, it will be marked as 100% not original.