Awakening an interest of your reader by properly titeling your Essay

Awakening an interest of your reader by properly titeling your Essay

Awakening an interest of your reader by properly titeling your Essay

Titling an essay is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Some students spend as much time on writing the headline as composing their entire essay. Nevertheless, the essay titles is a very important point, since it is the title that determines whether your article will be read, whether it will arouse the interest of the reader. The title of your essay is a kind of billboard for the work, the reader should not only want to read it, but also be inspired.

So, how to name an essay, scientific work, article, or even a book? In this article, we will help you to understand the key points of creating cool, interesting headlines, that will draw attention to your essay. The title also determines whether the reader will be satisfied after reading your article. A great title and great text, if they do not correspond to each other, usually leave a negative impression.

Why is it important to come up with a good title for your essay?

Titling college essay is a great work. Boring, simple title of your essay is unlikely to grab the attention of your supervisor or professor. It is very important that the reader wants to read the essay to the end and give the work an objective assessment. The essay is a type of work that should evoke emotions of the reader, a kind of “Wow effect”, a desire to read this particular essay.

Let’s define the key elements that make up a good essay title:

  • The title of the work should be “catchy”, attractive. A boring title does not make you want to read the work. You need to use your creativity with the name.
  • The title should contain keywords, it helps the reader to understand the topic, the meaning of your essay.
  • It is good if the title of the essay displays a place or time, answers the question “Where?”, “When?”
  • You should not write titles that go far from the main topic of the work, or do not reflect its content.
  • The headline should not be too long, it can be confusing.
  • The title of your essay should be easy to read, you should not use a specific language or slang, complex phrases.

Now you know what key elements a good interesting essay should contain. Below we will tell you what else can help you come up with a quality headline, that will highlight your work and draw attention to it.

Tips to help you to write a cool headline for your essay.

In order to write a good title for your work, you need to make some effort, think, write more than one draft. But after reading our headline writing tips, you will have a plan in your mind, and  will get through this task much easier.

  • It is better to write a short title for each thematic subsection of your work. If, in the process of writing an essay, you will highlight each of your paragraphs with a title, then your work will look more individual, structured, and clear.
  • The title of your essay should summarize the work as a whole. A successful title should not confuse the reader, or not be related to the content of the work at all, it should always reflect the main topic of the essay.
  • There is no need to underline the title, as it will strongly contrast with the main work, it is enough to make it bold italic.
  • Usually, each word in the title of your work should be capitalized, but this does not apply to prepositions, articles, conjunctions and pronouns.
  • If your professor gave you the title of the work, then it can be taken into account as a working topic, but you should not exactly dwell on it. You can use it to get started writing, but when it’s done, get creative and change the title to best suit your writing.
  • Be sure to revise the final title of your essay several times, check spelling, grammar, the structure. Make sure your title is relevant to the topic of the work, so that it grabs the reader’s attention.
  • To give your title and work a professional look, read the work of famous writers, analyze their titles, writing techniques, “individual strokes” that they use in their works to draw attention to the essays.

A plan for writing a good title for your essay.

The action plan below will help you to write a professional, individual, creative title for your essay.

  • Many students start their work with writing the title, and then write the text of the essay, but this is wrong. Always start your work with the text, and only when you write it in full, re-read it several times, you will understand that this is exactly what you need to move on to the title. If you have been given a topic, but not a specific title, it will be easier to write the entire work. Do not limit yourself to the frames of a title, write the work as a whole, and then give it an appropriate name. This way the title of your essay will be meaningful, clearly reflect the meaning and main message of the entire work.
  • Pay attention to the writing style of your essay, determine the tone of the presentation:
    • descriptive essay
    • reasoned essay
    • informative essay
    • humorous essay

Once you define the tone of your work, it will be easier to write the correct title that matches the subject and structure of the essay.

  • The simplicity of writing the title for the essay will be very appropriate. You don’t have to write long, complex sentences that will get tedious to read. Although, some scientific essays are inevitably overloaded in the title with complex terminology or speech patterns. This is not such a fundamental factor.
  • You can use popular phrases or clichés for your title, or paraphrase a famous quote. If it is relevant to your topic, it can draw attention to your work.
  • It will be very good if you use your uniqueness to write the title, creative, individual approach will be appreciated by the reader of your work. But do not overdo it, do not go far from the content of your work. The name may contain the element of mystery, but it cannot be a complete mystery.
  • It is not appropriate to use jargon, slang, abbreviations in the name. Such words may not be clear to the reader, or misunderstood.

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What shouldn’t be included into the title of your essay?

Writing a good title for your essay takes time and dedication. Here’s what you shouldn’t use in the title of your work:

  • Don’t touch sensitive, immoral, antisocial topics in your titles. Do not neglect the rules of general morality and culture.
  • Avoid announcing any highly personal topics, negative past in your essay and title. Otherwise, the headline will look undignified and unprofessional.
  • Be careful about touching controversial topics, such as political, religious. You should express your point of view delicately, without becoming personal, so as not to offend anyone.
  • Do not forget to take into account the requirements of the professor in your work, otherwise you can move away from the necessary topic.

It should be said about specific examples of article titles. 

There is a huge number of research formats, even within the same science. This can be a short essay, a term paper, a bachelor’s or master’s degree papers, a Ph.D. thesis, etc. Accordingly, the depth of research, the volume of study of the problem, and the number of problems under research is different. Therefore, it is difficult to formulate a universal title that would take into account all these features and be suitable for each type of work. In addition, you need to consider the stylistic requirements for writing the text. For example, a great publicistic headline will get a lot of attention, but it won’t be suitable for serious scientific research. Moreover, the same text can be named differently, depending on the organization where it is published. In a scientific journal or a popular one. Use your creativity and creative potential, and consider the specifics of your work, and you will definitely be able to write a great title for your essay!

If you’re having troubles while writing a good title for your essay, turn to the professionals at Bookwarmessays! We will be happy to help you to decide on a worthy title for your essay, as well as help with writing it.

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