Choosing a right phrase as a quote to start an essay

Choosing a right phrase as a quote to start an essay

An essay is a type of written work that involves a description of a subject, activity, person, or other
objects. Absolutely all pupils and students are familiar with writing an essay since this work is often
practiced in educational institutions. With the help of an essay, the author reveals his vision of the problem and conveys it to readers.

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There are many subtypes of essays, which are characterized by
certain features. The author must be familiar with all the features of the essay to skillfully compose
Often in modern science, there are quotes in essays. To know how to start an essay with a quote
format, you should read the methodological manuals or look at the tips on the Internet. A quote is a
phrase or text of a certain author that a writer can use in his work. The quote is always highlighted in the
text and must have a reference to the source. The beginning of an essay with a quote entices the reader
because a clever thought or a beautiful phrase of a famous person is interesting to everyone.
Essay Quote Tips
If the author decides that the opening with a quote in an essay will be optimal for his work, he must
first choose the right phrase. It all starts with the topic of the essay. Once it’s chosen, it’s time to look for
a good quote that will resonate with the reader. A quote in an essay might be:
• thematic,
• mysterious,
• enticing,
• known.
When a quote corresponds to the topic of research, then after reading it, it reveals the main direction of
the author’s work. If there is a riddle in the quote to the essay, then, on the contrary, this does not
immediately show the topic but sets the reader up for further acquaintance with the essay. An enticing
quote suggests that the text needs to be continued to be studied because it will contain a lot of
interesting things. Well, the most popular are quotes from famous people. Do not overdo it with quotes
in one essay. If it is present at the beginning, then it is no longer needed.
Features of quotes in an essay
Any quote to start a writing essay has both advantages and disadvantages for the work of the author.
The main advantage is that the quote attracts attention, if it is from a famous person or famous, then
the reader immediately feels for the subject. The unspoken disadvantages of using quotes are that they
immediately lead to a climax. After reviewing the quote, the reader can immediately either predict the
text of the essay and not study it, or vice versa become interested. It is also no secret that the selection
of a sensible quote can take a lot of time, which is better spent on the research itself and writing an
The quotation should always match the purpose of the author in the essay. In addition, it should
characterize the topic of the essay. Finding the best quote is not always easy, as it can take a lot of time
find it. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the phrase, it is recommended to ask the
leader a question: can I start my essay with a quote? The curator will tell you where and what quote is
better to find so that it stands at the beginning of the essay and sets the tone for all scientific work.

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