Critical thinking skills and understanding the information in process of writing a Good Reaction Essay.

Critical thinking skills and understanding the information in process of writing a Good Reaction Essay.

Reaction essays measure the ability of the learner to utilize critical thinking skills in understanding the information or data and offering a personalized reaction to it. A reaction essay must be divided into two main sections, with each of these segments being fundamental to its completeness. The first essential component of a reaction paper is the summary of the materials and findings. The introductory sentence of the summary section should offer details on the work being reviewed, including the author, title, year, and key findings. The second part of the reaction paper gives a concise and clear summary of the information, themes, or other aspects under review as evidenced in the piece.

The evidence should be presented in a nutshell and be inclusive of all or most important aspects in the work. Let’s suppose one has doubts about how to summarize an article, movie, or anything that requires writing a reaction essay. In such case, the writer should consult the credible sources (e.g. Google Scholar, JSTOR, or University library database) to find article essay examples and article samples. These will be integral in offering directions on how to go about the whole process. The next stage in writing a quality reaction essay or paper is the most important one, as it addresses in detail the personal opinion of the writer about the work being critiqued or reviewed. You have to relate the reaction paper to themes covered in class, those observed in society, or personal life. This segment must evaluate the work and its relation to you or society in general. Each paragraph used should develop or explore only relevant ideas and avoid presenting unconfirmed or information that is too vague and general. When making points or expressing attitudes in response to the information in the article, they must be supported with evidence. While this is a reaction paper, it should not ignore the basic rules of writing, where evidence is required to substantiate a point. There should be a use of transition words or phrases from one paragraph to the next. This ensures continuity and coherency of the ideas presented in the paper. Another essential tip in writing a reaction paper is ensuring the reaction essay is free of any errors. This is a fundamental aspect in all forms of writing and it applies universally. The writer is advised to carefully read and reread the reaction paper to ensure that the person considering this information will understand its purpose, message, and the main conclusions presented

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