Describing an artistic language of Photography in Essay

Describing an artistic language of Photography in Essay

Various college essays on photography have been written to define photography as an artistic expression rather than a mere action enabled by mechanical lenses to represent reality. The numerous arguments against considering photography as an art fall short when classic essays on photography document the justification of why it should be considered an art. Photography is an artistic language of creation that communicates using images rather than words. It should be clear that communication is not restricted to the use of words, and hence images fulfil this obligation on the part of photographers. In the same way, language is useful in writing literature and poetry, which becomes art, photography functions as a medium of communication relying on photographers’ artistic expression.

Any form of art is prone to subjective evaluation by different people depending on the perspective they take. A true artist’s hallmark is having a genuine message to communicate; typically photographers desire to deliver their message to as many people as possible. History is filled with some exceptional photographers whose works have been subject to positive global reception. The moment a photographer gets behind the lenses, one receives the freedom of expression, the ability to be open about the feelings, and experimenting with objects by taking photos of specific types of images. An artist’s inherent aspect is the use of the craft to communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Photography allows artists to achieve an elevated state of mind which translates into powerful imagery and brilliant projects.

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College essays on photography struggle to establish a consensus regarding whether an individual pressing buttons on the machines producing stills can and should be considered an artist. The answer to those college essays on photography would be for one to get behind a camera and produce images such as those produced by individuals like Ansel Adams. These college essays on photography miss the ability of the images to manipulate human perception’s vulnerabilities and create certain feelings and emotions in people. These are aspects achieved by works of art, a category to which photography belongs.

Some schools of thought regard essay on photography as a hobby rather than an art. Many people who undertake an activity that can be considered an art also treat it as a hobby. For instance, a painter who explores his work for professional purposes and sells the paintings for hundreds of thousands of dollars (e.g. Banksy) may regard his painting to be a hobby but not a profession. It is the combination of a hobby and the skills that make any practice a work of art. The short essay on photography and essay on photography as a hobby may conflict with those individuals writing about essay on photography career. There is an intersectionality of these two aspects, and their existence is not mutually exclusive.

 Many people in different realms have made careers from their hobbies. Take for instance numerous professional athletes: they have a hobby they love for which they are paid (sometimes millions). Photography is a spontaneous trait, helping the artist create an aura of easiness and comfort in the representation of the objects. The trained and experienced photographer regards the craft to be relatively difficult, but common and inexperienced people may think t is easy and effortless. All these persons writing short essay(s) on photography fail to recognize the amount of time and effort that goes into creating those pieces of art.

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