Discussing the conducted steps in writing a strong Critique Article.

Discussing the conducted steps in writing a strong Critique Article.

Discussing the conducted steps in writing a strong Critique Article.

writing a strong Critique Article

Academic articles, also referred to as peer-reviewed articles, are a special type of academic writing, which necessitates the reviews and critique by other authors (called peers) in the related area in order verify the findings presented and avoid bias or publishing erroneous information. Therefore, article critique is a form of writing (usually called academic writing), which offers a critical analysis of the particular work by conducting an intensive analysis of the reported findings.

First, the article critique must contain a summary of the findings (also called abstract) to enable the reader to have a quick understanding of the research or study results. By reading an abstract, one should get the main points the author is communicating and the purpose of the study. Second, an article critique should name the strengths and limitations of the article in conducting research and communicating its intended message. Critiquing an article follows a documented format enabling one to understand how to complete the process. If one needs to learn the peculiarities of the process, it is advised to find an article critique example to familiarize oneself with the process. Several article critique standards exist and can be easily located on the web to serve as pointers on how to conduct the process properly. It is essential to understand that the critical evaluation APA format is completed using the APA format guidelines (usually 6th or 7th edition). An essential fact to consider is that critiquing an article often requires following an established process, which is also called rubric.

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Discussing the conducted steps in writing a strong Critique Article.

An article critique begins with the identification of the author and the main findings of the article, including participants, methods, design, and measures. These details are essential to help the reader connect between a particular article and the critique details provided. To start writing the critique, one carefully studies the entire article to gain a proper understanding of the main ideas and findings reported by the author. It is not possible to write an article critique of a document, which a person does not thoroughly understand. Another crucial aspect is rereading the article while taking notes that will be integral in the critiquing process. It is permissible when critiquing an article to highlight portions of the article that were interesting and discussing them in the final stage of the critique.

 The notes taken become the pointers in analyzing all important facts presented in the article. The critique should contain the author’s findings and analysis of the facts presented in the paper. The final aspect is summarizing the critique and giving a personal opinion on the article. It can be favorable or unfavorable, but it must be supported with evidence from the article itself. Article critique introduces a subjective element in the analysis of research, but it has to be backed with proof from the original article. The opinions formed in the article critique have to address issues relating to accuracy of the information and its relevancy.

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