Essay touching individuum repercussion caused by cyberbullying.

Essay touching individuum repercussion caused by cyberbullying.

In a world that has become a global village due to the technological innovations and breakthroughs, a number of new and unseen before problems appeared, including cyber bullying. As the usage of social media sites and generally Internet presence around the world increases, these platforms attract people of diverse views, character, and intentions. This is an article about cyberbullying, outlining its negative effects on people, especially teenagers and adolescents who are most susceptible to the threatening behaviour exhibited by others on the Internet. In common terms, cyberbullying entails the misuse of technology by a person or group of individuals with the intention to harass or emotionally suppress other persons.

A cyber bullying essay has to cover the various forms through which such incidences occur. Some of the common ways for the cyber bullies to accomplish their goal of harming or inflicting emotional pain on others is writing negative comments about an individual, their body weight and physical appearance, circulating false derogatory comments about a person, and in some cases even posting incriminating information or images about an individual. An individual subjected to cyberbullying often has emotional and psychological scars to deal with, some of which might become life-threatening and lead to suicide. A number of people across the world have committed suicide due to the extreme cases of cyberbullying, thereby showcasing the magnitude of the problem. To understand the issue further, one has to explore the story of Amanda Todd, a teenage girl who committed suicide because someone posted her nude pictures online.

While cyberbullying is a multi-faceted issue, the intentions of the bully are always the same – hurting, insulting, and embarrassing the victim. Victims of cyberbullying have been known to develop complications that include depression and anxiety that affect their quality of life. These individuals may exhibit self-harming behaviour, which may culminate in suicide or suicidal intent. To avoid cyberbullying, people using popular social media platforms should avoid sharing personal information that bullies can use against them. While people can regulate the amount of information they share, there should be legal recourse for cyberbullying as well. Fines, penalties, and prison sentence should be applied to collectively build a safe web space free of cyberbullies and to protect the mental health of all individuals using social media.

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