Highlighting practical and theoretical problems Of Genetic Research in Essay

Highlighting practical and theoretical problems Of Genetic Research in Essay

Highlighting practical and theoretical problems Of Genetic Research in Essay

Genetics is a serious academic discipline that studies genes and heredity issues. The object of study is the genes of plants, animals, microorganisms and, of course, human. Achievements of genetics play an important practical role in medicine, agriculture, microbiology, and genetic engineering. The observation that subsequent generations inherit certain traits from their parents was made in ancient times. These data allowed man to carry out selection work and develop new varieties of plants and breeds of animals. Having come a long way, modern genetics allows us to solve truly unimaginable practical and theoretical problems. Questions remain open regarding both – the direct development of science and ethics. Disputes and discussions about the limits of the use of genetic modification of organisms and humans are carried out within the framework of not only genetics, but also philosophy, sociology, biology and many other disciplines. Accordingly, topics for a research paper in genetics can address a wide variety of aspects of this complex issue. These questions can be researched in various formats, from direct dissertations in the field of genetics, to the studying of specific aspects on biology lessons at school. The latest topics in genetics research indicate an increased interest to this problem. Choosing a good topic is already the key to write a good research paper. This article is aimed to help you to choose a relevant topic and provide some useful research essay ideas. 

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Examples of complex genetic engineering essay topics

  • What human abilities can be improved through genetic engineering.
  • Victory over HIV / AIDS is possible with the help of human genetic modification.
  • Is it possible to genetically engineer the gender of a baby before birth?
  • Life after death or human cloning.
  • The problem of human genetic modernization to create immunity to various diseases.
  • Long-term risks of genetic engineering.
  • Genetic modification of plants – saving the planet or the risk of its destruction?
  • What are the main risks of human cloning?
  • Is it possible to create a superhuman through genetic engineering and is it worth doing?
  • Can genetic engineering provoke a wave of uncontrolled mutations?

Simpler topics for a research paper about genetics.

  • The history of genetics, how did this science develop and what are the main stages of its formation?
  • What is DNA?
  • What are genes made of?
  • What is cloning?
  • What are gene mutations?
  • How does genetics affect blood type?
  • How similar are we to our parents?
  • How different are people from each other in terms of genetics?
  • Are all people related? – What genetics says.
  • How can genetics help to fight hereditary diseases?

Philosophical, legal and ethical topics in genetic engineering

  • Is it possible to patent certain genes?
  • How dangerous are GMO foods?
  • Should we modernize human genetics?
  • What is the risk of genetic engineering for humanity?
  • Genetics and rights, what is allowed and what is not allowed from the point of view of law?
  • Growing of human organs – an ethical aspect.
  • How ethical is it from the point of view of parents to order certain properties of future children, if such an opportunity existed?
  • Will human society become ideal if humanity embarks on genetic modernization?
  • Would you like to have your own clone?
  • Genetic research and religion, what are the main contradictions?

Looking at the examples of genetic engineering topics, we made sure that the problem can be considered from a variety of angles. We hope these examples will help you to formulate the best topic. If you have difficulties while writing a more “technical” topic on genetic engineering, you can research a more “humanitarian” philosophical aspect. If you have insurmountable difficulties in choosing a topic for a research paper or problems with writing it, contact us right now! Do not be left alone with your problem, entrust this task to recognized specialists, we will definitely help you!

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