Sight at the problems of alcoholism in a reaserch paper

Sight at the problems of alcoholism in a reaserch paper

Alcoholism is not only the most common, but also one of the most dangerous social problems of our time. The essence of the problem is a person’s addiction and dependence on alcohol, both psychological and physiological. An alcoholic suffers himself, and also poses a threat to others. Families are destroyed, alcohol abuse leads to personality degradation, absurd deaths, murders, violence and so on. From time to time, the terrible cases of childhood alcoholism are described. That is why the researching of various aspects of this problem is so relevant today and a large number of alcohol research papers are written. Researches on alcoholism can help those directly affected by this problem and warn others against the same problem, especially young people. This topic is quite extensive, so for writing thesis on alcohol, you can choose the topic that interests you the most. Research essays on alcohol use are popular in many different educational institutions. And the purpose of this article is to help you to complete such a task.

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What a good thesis on alcohol should include

  • Definition of alcoholism, alcohol abuse, addiction. Determination of psychological, physiological and other characteristics of alcohol dependence.
  • Statistics regarding the problem. Number of alcohol addicts, gender and social aspect, age, occupation, and other data.
  • Specific information on methods of diagnosis and treatment of addiction, stages and development of the disease. The causes of alcoholism, the first signs of addiction, prevention, etc.
  • Some specific aspect of the problem should be revealed – methods of treatment, causes of occurrence, etc.
  • According to the structure, the classic plan should be used, consisting of an introduction, main part and conclusions.
  • Analysis of literature and other sources on relevant topics.
  • Back up your findings with quotes and use real-life examples.

Research topics about alcohol or drug addiction can include the following:

  • From abuse to addiction – stages of the development of alcoholism.
  • How to help an alcoholic?
  • Psychological rehabilitation of alcoholics.
  • Social work with people prone to alcoholism.
  • Prevention of alcoholism.
  • Alcoholism and crime, the social aspect of the problem.
  • Long-term effects of alcohol consumption on the human body.
  • Alcoholism and family, how you can help a family member with addiction.
  • The fight against alcoholism by the state and society.
  • The role of education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the fight against alcoholism.
  • Social disintegration and maladjustment of the person due to alcoholism.
  • The economic consequences of alcoholism in society.
  • Alcoholism and motherhood, how addiction affects childbirth.
  • The role of alcohol treatment support groups.
  • Drug treatment for alcohol addiction.

You can also describe a specific case that you have encountered or that you are familiar with. Focus on one specific aspect of a particular case – causes of addiction, treatment and rehabilitation methods, etc.

If you’re having a trouble choosing a topic or having difficulties with writing the alcohol research paper, don’t be discouraged. Let us know, and a team of highly qualified authors will be happy to help you deal with this difficult topic. We guarantee the best result in a short time!

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