Writing a strong Analisis Paper pertaining to certain political processes and events

Writing a strong Analisis Paper pertaining to certain political processes and events

Writing a strong Analisis Paper pertaining to certain political processes and events

A strong and well-written political paper answers questions pertaining to certain political processes and events. The writing method employs analysis as the key feature. Therefore, the writer examines an event using analysis and supporting his arguments with empirical data.

How to Do Political Analysis

The writer ought to have sufficient knowledge about the subject being discussed. In addition, the writer collects data that supports the arguments to make a political paper trustworthy to the reader.

Example of a Political Analysis Paper

Title: “Division in the American Congress over Immigration Policies.”

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Begin by highlighting the main points presented by the topic of the paper. The title shows there is a division in the American congress. Indicate the main reasons causing the division. For example, the America’s historical perception relates to being the land of the free and the land of opportunities. Also, discuss why the immigration policies are a pertinent issue in America. Although there is no exact limit for the Introduction, the general rule is that the Introduction and Conclusion combined must not surpass one page for the standard papers (3-5 pages).

Body of the paper: background of the issue

The American society is made up of people with diverse beliefs, ethnicities, religious views, and backgrounds. The history of America reveals that people from different nationalities arrived here and decided to make the country their second home. Strict immigration policies that hinder immigrants from coming to the US today contradict the principles upon which his country is built, which also made America one of the most successful countries in the world. This part can be around 1.5-2 pages.

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Central Argument 1

It is important to state that America is made up of immigrants. The country was built by immigrants who first settled in the country and established a spirit of unity and togetherness. Make sure that you refer to the peer-reviewed or credible sources (often, Widipedia and local Newspapers are not considered as credible sources). This part should be around 2 pages.

Central Argument 2

The second important argument is that modern Americans do not enjoy manual labor. The today’s US citizens do not appreciate the hard labor, which can be easily given to the immigrants willing to build their future in America while also spending the money earned to benefit the local economy. Therefore, immigration ban is likely to create a vacuum in the labor force. Make sure to cite the sources. This part should be around 2 pages as well.


The validity of the above two arguments is sufficient to show why there is division in congress over the immigration policies. Indicate there is a possibility for further research of the subject. This part should be around 1 page.

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