Preparing and implementing the outline for a Theme Based Essay

Preparing and implementing the outline for a Theme Based Essay

A theme-based essay is an informative analysis about the part or complete work in the literature domain. The objective of the writer is to make the theme practical to either the audience or readers by applying fables and sceneries discussed in the literary work. The writer usually begins by identifying the main themes in the essay. Thereafter, the writer composes an essay based on the information contained in the theme being discussed. A professional and well-written theme-based essay highlights the story in the literary work and shows its application in real life. Using such approach enables the reader to relate the events described in the essay to real life scenarios.

Steps on How to Write an Informative Theme-Based Essay

A writer ought to focus on the main themes when working on the essay. The content of the essay revolves around the title and anything else that adds value to it. The writer begins by identifying the title, which informs the reader what the essay is about and therefore it must be related to the main theme. After the title is chosen, the writer works on the outline that has three major components, namely introduction, body, and conclusion.

Introduction is a brief recap of the main points addressed in the essay. The body comprises the information that the writer intends to address in the essay. The body may be divided into several parts according to the availability of other components related to the theme. In most cases, the writer uses additional points to support the arguments presented in the paper by forming subtopics. Lastly, the writer summarizes the content of the body in the conclusion part. The conclusion is established as an emphasis of the writer’s opinion regarding the theme.

An Outline of an Informative Essay

An outline has three main components that include introduction, body, and conclusion. In some instances, there can be multiple subheadings within the body depending on the weight of the subject being addressed in the paper.

How to Make an Outline

  • Introduction

A good introduction ought to highlight the title of the literary work and illustrate relevance to the essay. Highlighting the title keeps the reader interested in the essay. Readers go through the introduction to evaluate the quality of the content of the essay. Introduction must contain the most relevant information that is addressed in the other parts of the essay. Also, the writer needs to identify any literary devises such as symbolism or allegory used in the literary work by addressing them in the introduction. Themes and symbolism add weight to the quality of the information that make the reader interested read the essay

  • Body

The writer must highlight the major scenes and events in the essay. The reader is only interested in the events that are meaningful to the content the essay. Therefore, the writer must highlight events that add weight to the intended message from the literary work being referenced. Additionally, the writer must describe the relevance of the theme in real life situations. The body is usually divided into several parts to distinguish points that support the main theme and relevant arguments.


The writer summarizes the content of the essay in the conclusion. The writer highlights the most crucial information and makes a final statement. The conclusion statement presents the thoughts of the writer about the content discussed in the essayt. The reader uses the content of the conclusion to assess the ability of the writer to make valid claims about the subjects discussed in the essay or showing the application of the message to real life scenarios.

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