Fulfilling specific requirements and exposing applicant’s achivements in the Honors Application Essay

Fulfilling specific requirements and exposing applicant’s achivements in the Honors Application Essay

An honors application essay is usually written and presented to a college or university board to illustrate the student’s interest in an honors program and highlight how the academic achievement of the student warrants one a place in the selected program. The overall objective of learning how to write an honors application essay is basically to demonstrate the interests of the applicant, the perceptions of the future career, the ambitions, and personal strengths. Strong honors application essay should be able to portray the applicant as deserving the chance of admission not only on the basis of merit, but also taking into account other factors such as the interests and what one expects and hopes to achieve.

The University of Florida (UF) is one of the top research universities in the country and the competition to join the university programs is very stiff due to its high admission standards. Therefore, UF honors essays need to be creative, highlighting academic achievement as well as the personal and social qualities of the student to give the applicant a better chance of being admitted into the honors college. Both the UF and the University of Georgia (UGA) have specific requirements that applicants have to fulfill to be considered eligible for the application.

Before the applicants can draft their honors essay, for example, the UF honors essay of the UGA honors program acceptance, they must peruse the requirements of each respective institution to ascertain whether they meet the eligibility criteria. Furthermore, they must be well aware of whether they truly want to proceed with the selected program and whether it suits their needs or interests. Similarly, the applicants must focus on the topic provided for by the institution and be creative when writing the honors essay because, in some instances, the UGA honors program acceptance often follows the same criteria for applicants applying for admission. Uniquely, it is also important for the applicant to remain factual and honest in the honors essay and demonstrate the needs and interests, the reasons for choosing the program, and persuade the board that the application should be considered.

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