Importance of effective and strong conclusion in an Essay

Importance of effective and strong conclusion in an Essay

Effective conclusions form the image of the entire work and its perception by the reader. Think back to your disappointment from watching a movie or reading a book, if there was an unconvincing or even ridiculous ending. The same can be said about reading essays. As practice shows, the conclusion of the essay is read most attentively. Obviously, the conclusions summarize, which must be firm and convincing. Failure to complete a good conclusion can ruin any great research paper. Conversely, an effective conclusion can significantly improve even the weakest essay. In fact, it is not difficult to write a convincing conclusion, but if you know how to do it correctly. In this article, we will try to help you to understand how to summarize your work well.

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We offer a few tips on how to write effective conclusions of your essays

  • The conclusion is intended to summarize, express the main thoughts and summarize what has been written. You should not copy and paste phrases from the general text, describe your thoughts in other words and as concisely as possible.
  • Get your reader thinking, leave some space for thought in the conclusion. Very often, summing up the research work, the conclusion formulates questions and problems for further research.
  • The conclusion should bring together all the “storylines” of your work. Bring your thoughts, ideas, concepts to a common denominator.
  • Try to articulate the “payload” of your work and explain how it has benefited. Help the reader to answer a question like “why did I read this?” Moreover, many researchers begin reading the research paper with an acquaintance with the content and conclusions. And then decide for themselves whether it is worth to read the body of this work.
  • The inference must be directly correlated with the introduction. Depending on the complexity and volume of research paper, the introduction describes the relevance of the problem and the main objectives of the research. In the conclusion, summarize the achievement of these goals, the confirmation or refutation of hypotheses, etc.
  • Avoid presenting new information in the conclusions of your essay. Especially while writing a conclusion for factual essay. To do this, you have the bulk of the essay. You can, of course, provide statistics to prove your case, but do not mention complex theories in your conclusions that were not mentioned in the main text.
  • Be persuasive, do not back down from your words and do not enter into a discussion with yourself. Also do not engage in self-criticism. This will significantly weaken your position and the “weight” of the entire work.
  • Offer a specific plan of action or a way to solve the problem, state your vision of this process.
  • If you have an analytical essay, the conclusions should not be overly emotional. Conversely, if the main part is based on the emotional presentation, then you should not start in the conclusions the analysis.
  • Remember that conclusion is the last word and the last opportunity to win over the skeptic and convince them that you are right.

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