Philosophical overview of problems described in Justice Essay

Philosophical overview of problems described in Justice Essay

Philosophical overview of problems described in Justice Essay

Humans are inherently social creatures, and hence they tend to live and develop in the societies and communities. These communities typically present and enforce a concept of what is wrong and what is right, depending on the social norms, culture, and established rules. Ancient philosophers have for ages tried to define the context of what can be considered just and unjust, with Plato considered as one of the most prominent thinkers who attempted to resolve this riddle. Plato argued that justice and injustice can only be measured relative to the effects that these actions and decisions produce on other people. Plato maintained that to achieve justice, people must set aside innate selfish tendencies that often compel them to act in the interest of attaining personal gains and consider the general good. In this sense, right and wrong are measured in the context of the morality of a decision. When writing justice essay, one must remember that true decisions regarding justice are enforced or implemented when an individual or group are placed in the position whereby they can not escape the consequences of their actions. For example, a person who is placed in prison is given the chance to directly face the consequences of one’s actions and there’s no escape from this situation, hence it can be said that the justice is served.

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Injustice in society arises when there is an unfair advantage gained by people or a group of individuals at the expense of others. While injustice is a universal theme in that it often occurs everywhere, activities that constitute injustice are relative to the norms in a certain society. For example, the corrupt official who embezzles public funds enjoys the privileges of a wealthy life at the expense of hundreds or even thousands individuals who were supposed to benefit from these funds originally. Nevertheless, the rightness or wrongness of an action or a decision is almost always regarded as a subjective issue depending on the ethical standing of the people involved. Under the concept of justice, fairness and equity prevail, though their perception is bound to be varied. Any justice essay has to consider the context in which events occur and what is acceptable within the relevant context before concluding that injustice has been served. Justice, according to Socrates, implies having a superior character and intelligence. The interpretation of this aspect varies between people, but the aspect of character remains unchallenged. What is wrong or what is right is relative to the moral bearing of individuals in question.

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