Approach of Stipulative Definition in Essay writting

Approach of Stipulative Definition in Essay writting

English language is not as easy as it may seem. A number of phrases when used in a different context come to have entirely different meaning. In a stipulative definition essay, a word is used to draw a particular meaning relevant to the theme, while it may carry a different meaning in normal usage. To illustrate how the concept works, the particular word may be given a personalized meaning, which matches certain characteristic. For instance, a person may be praised for having good personal attributes, but one’s behavior may be shaped by coercion rather than zeal and willingness to work. In other words, a company employee could be referred to as a hardworking person, whereas the person simply performs tasks under pressure to meet deadlines set by the manager.

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By looking at various Purdue essays in this domain, it becomes evident that many papers convey different messages even though they carry the same title. The major reason for the differences in the information is brought about by the stipulative definitions made to the themes. People interpret themes differently, which make them produce different essays based on a single topic as evident in the Purdue essay prompts, for instance. Naturally, people have different cognitive capabilities; hence, there is a high likelihood of giving different interpretation to similar facts – a tendency that is perfectly illustrated in any database of prewritten essays.

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Stipulative definition essay gives the writer the freedom to pick a word and create information based on it its meaning, which may differ from what its typical definition. Let’s consider the following example: a word ‘organic’ means natural. However, a writer could use the word ‘organic’ in a stipulative definition essay to mean something entirely different. For instance, a writer could describe a musician as having ‘organic personal attributes’. In this context, the writer would be saying that the musician is naturally talented and has an interesting and unique personality. Perhaps, the writer finds the music made by the musician alluring and entertaining or one is believed to have a pleasant voice that is enjoyable to hear. Stipulative definition essays are unique because each writer has a different interpretation of the theme.

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