The roots of hospitality in the sight of modern perception, described in Essay

The roots of hospitality in the sight of modern perception, described in Essay

The roots of hospitality in the sight of modern perception, described in Essay

Hospitality is a commonly used word, yet its interpretation varies in many cases. To understand the concept of hospitality, there is a need to understand it from a dictionary perspective and an industrial application perspective. Hospitality is a concept that has transcended time, as it was applicable thousands of years ago as evidenced in such ancient works as the Homer’s Odyssey. From the ancient Greek perspective, hospitality embodies a custom norm that was popular during the days of the protagonist know as Odysseus. As provided in the poem by Homer (which is by the way the oldest piece of literature still read in modern times), the concept of hospitality provided common individuals to host visitors, give them food, gifts, and a guarantee a peaceful stay. Also, the hosts were to make travel arrangements for their visitors as part of the hospitality principles, as again evident in the Odyssey hospitality essay. The modern conception of hospitality management heavily borrows from these ancient practices, although the perception of the practices has shifted significantly.

According to the Meriam Webster dictionary, hospitality refers to the generous and friendly reception and subsequent entertainment of visitors. There must be an element of a visitor and a host for the concept of hospitality to apply. In the modern world, hospitality management is one of the most commonly used phrases in the hotel and restaurant business. Essay on hospitality and hospitality management should explore the oversight of administrative functioning of businesses dealing with hosting clients for specified amount of time and charging a designated fee. As the employees offer hospitality services to visitors in an establishment, the management of their performance falls under the concept of hospitality management.

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The underlying concepts of hospitality and hospitality management revolve around the creation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the visitors. The individuals visiting a selected location should feel welcomed at all times during their visit and the concept of hospitality is to be applied in a positive sense. Hospitality and hospitality management entails more than just working in a restaurant or hotel business. It is the genuine desire and intention to make customers, clients, and visitors feel welcomed and at home.

Essays documenting hospitality in the periods of the Odyssey emphasized the role played by the hosts, rather than the modernity of their equipment. In modern society, some businesses confuse technological advancement with hospitality. While hospitality may require technology, it does not depend on the advancement of technology to exist. Hospitality management entails the creation of the ultimate experience for visitors or guests. While all these are factors to consider in hospitality, the management aspect requires that the business remains profitable in as much as it is emphasizing hospitality.

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