Three main sections of a 5 paragraph essay and most common types of it.

Three main sections of a 5 paragraph essay and most common types of it.

The 5 essay paragraph is the most used writing model among those provided for standard tests, the college application or teaching students the essential elements of an essay. A narrative or descriptive essay aims to offer adequate information on a specific topic; it is enough that it deals with an interesting topic and presents complete and up-to-date information, useful for its audience. From this point of view, the narrative essay is simpler than the argumentative one, which requires additional thought and a more accurate organization of ideas.

An argumentative essay argues, through chains of utterances, for the validity of a statement, the rightness of an idea (thesis). While one can inform about everything, one can only argue about the debatable. This means that the object of an argumentative essay can only be one around which a debate can develop. That is, it aims to provide correct and updated information on a particular topic and to present, in this regard, the author’s thesis with related arguments.

A large part of the communicative effectiveness of a short essay depends on the choices made by the student during the planning phase, when he/she is confronted with a deadline, with topic and documentation, and begins to perform conceptually very complex operations, culminating in the elaboration of a 5 essay paragraph outline: a decisive element for the continuation of the work. This phase must be given adequate time, together with an effort of concentration and creativity. The following advice on the step-by-step process refers to this.

The five paragraph essay outline is divided into three main sections:

  1. Introduction (1 paragraph);
  2. Body of the text (3 paragraphs);
  3. Conclusion (1 paragraph).

The introduction of the short essay serves to introduce the topic to those who are going to read it. Already here the reader should understand what the purpose of the text is, the topic that will be treated and how it will be presented. The body of the text is divided, into three paragraphs: in a narrative composition, each of them presents a set of information related to the topic; in an argumentative text, each proposes one of the arguments chosen to support the thesis. A paragraph can be identified as a unitary element of the text because it presents, a relatively complete content and is comprehensible in isolation, regardless of the paragraphs that precede and follow it. The conclusion should be a reasoned explanation that definitively makes sense of the entire piece, a summary of information provided/topics presented.

Having at hand this outline of 5 paragraph essay, fill in briefly the thesis, the arguments, and the conclusion you want to come to. Then, write the essay in full. Once you have finished writing, take a short break and empty your head. When you feel ready reread everything at least twice: the first to check that your arguments are clear, well stated, and consistent with the chosen outline; the second to spot any grammatical errors.

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