Concrete and abstract themes as a part of Top 50 Descriptive Essay Topics

Concrete and abstract themes as a part of Top 50 Descriptive Essay Topics

Concrete and abstract themes as a part of Top 50 Descriptive Essay Topics

As the name suggests, top 50 descriptive essay topics relate to the essays that require the writer or the student to depict a person, event, situation, experience, object, place, or idea in a vivid and interesting manner. Generally, descriptive essays test the ability of the students to provide a written account of what they have seen or experienced. This implies that the student is tasked to describe the subject matter in a detailed manner that enables one to picture or imagine what is being depicted. Consequently, descriptive writing topics can cover a wide range of issues, and students are often encouraged to write on the topics they consider most familiar. Similarly, descriptive essays can be generated from memory – something the writer had seen or experienced and remembers clearly through observation or imagination. A great writer should be able to describe an event or an experience through any of these three options to make an appealing descriptive essay.

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Descriptive essay topics for class 10 can cover both concrete topics (topics that the students can perceive and describe with their senses) or abstract topics (topics that cannot be touched and which may be difficult to describe with the senses like emotions). Examples of descriptive essay concrete topics include describing the day in the park, the favorite teacher’s classroom, places the person has visited recently, the favorite family member(s), or asking one to describe a personal computer to a time-traveler from the past. On the other hand, abstract descriptive essay topics may include writing about honesty, friendship, poverty, or climate change. The abstract topics usually differ from the concrete topics in that they rely more on the experiences and context of the student rather than on the senses. However, in any case, the senses still play an important role in what is going to be described and how it is going to be presented. The senses allow the students to communicate what they experienced or perceived through their senses, improving their ability to recall and depict such situations.

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