Types of leadership and management styles discused in an Essay

Types of leadership and management styles discused in an Essay

Types of leadership and management styles discused in an Essay

The issue of leadership has been of interest to humanity for centuries. Today, the question of leadership remains very relevant. Society needs effective leaders who boldly take responsibility and lead people along. Such people are needed in politics and business, science, medicine, in all spheres of our life. This is why it is so common to write essays on good leadership. In such works, it is usually required to describe certain personal qualities or describe a specific leader in essay. In this article, you will find a lot of useful information on how to write an essay about qualities of a leader. We will also try to answer the question of what are the most important qualities of a leader.

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The topic of leadership is quite controversial due to different leadership styles and types of managing. Accordingly, the character traits inherent in different leaders differ. For example, such a personal quality as authoritarianism is in no way inherent in a spiritual leader, but without such a quality it is impossible to imagine an outstanding military commander. In addition, there are good leaders and villains who have done a lot of harm to humanity, while being great leaders.

The problem of leadership is vast, there are endless examples of specific topics, but they can all be classified along the following lines:

  • Leadership theory. In this group of topics, you can consider a certain concept of leadership, or compare several similar theories.
  • The qualities and attributes of a leader. This essay examines the most important qualities of a leader. In other words, you need to find the answer to the question “what make a person a good leader?” You can consider both a set of qualities and the most important of them, from your point of view.
  • Leadership types and management styles. Here it is proposed to describe different types of leadership and management styles, the main features that distinguish, for example, a democratic leader from an authoritarian one. You can consider and compare all types, or delve deeper into the research of one of them.
  • Leadership principles and values. What are the principles of a leadership? What values ​​should a true leader share and practice? This group of topics focuses on the moral side of leadership.
  • Describe leader in essay. In this case you should describe an outstanding leader from a wide variety of spheres of society. It can be both a historical person and an incumbent president, an outstanding scientist.
  • What kind of leaders are around you? Describe a leader with whom you directly crossed paths. It can be anyone – a coach in your favorite sport or your father.
  • You and Leadership. What are your leadership qualities? What qualities do you lack? What does it take to improve your leadership skills?

Choose any of these directions and formulate the topic in more detail. It is important here to convincingly demonstrate personal opinion and back it up with good examples. When writing essays on good leadership, highlight the strengths of the leader. Analyze how such a person, using his skills, was able to convince others that he was right and achieved his goal.

The most basic qualities of a leader in leadership theory include:

  • An original vision of the problem and the ability to build a strategy.
  • Outstanding public speaking ability for persuasion.
  • Honesty and the ability to tell the truth, whatever it may be.
  • Self-confidence and self-righteousness.
  • Responsiveness, flexibility, determination, empathy, listening and other skills.

These and other qualities are inherent in different leaders to varying degrees, depending on the field of activity, temperament and other factors.

We sincerely hope that our article will help you write “what are the most important qualities of a leader essay”. Still having trouble? Contact our authors right now! We will quickly and efficiently write an excellent essay on good leadership!

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