Using quotes to strengthen the intermediate conclusions and theses in Essay

Using quotes to strengthen the intermediate conclusions and theses in Essay

Using quotes to strengthen the intermediate conclusions and theses in Essay

The correct use of quotes allows you to be more persuasive, they are used to support a particular point of view. It is impossible to imagine modern science without the use of quotations. There are some rules and features for quoting and in this article we will look at various aspects of useful essay quotes.

A quote can be used at the beginning of an essay to pose a problem, set the tone of the work. The wrong opinion of a famous author can also be cited at the very beginning, and the work itself is devoted to criticism. Some experts advise against starting an essay with a quotation, since an authoritative opinion from the outside does not allow the author to fully represent his personal vision of the problem. The issue remains controversial. Also, two opposing opinions can be cited, and discussion can take place in the work itself. Use quotes in the body part of the essay. They will help to strengthen the intermediate conclusions and theses. In addition, ending essay with a quote will help to successfully complete the research, put an effective end, make the stated opinion categorical.

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What are the main functions of citation?

  • Provides additional evidence that you are right, or refute a specific argument.
  • To help the reader to understand the topic better, to emphasize its relevance.
  • Strengthening your position through the legal use of the eloquence of another author.
  • Correctly formatted quotes used for essays avoid accusations of plagiarism.
  • Helps you to show competence and awareness of the topic being study.

Top tips for using quotes.

Quotes used for essays should not be taken out of context. Don’t just use them, prepare a proper foundation, or draw a conclusion after using a quote. Try to explain, first of all to yourself, why this quote is needed.

Essay quotes are useful when used in moderation. Usually there are rules that govern this issue, clarify them before starting to write an essay. Excessive citations, as well as lack of citations, are not encouraged by the professor.

Use only trusted sources. Academic resources, books, scientific journals, etc. are recommended. Quotes from the Internet are not always suitable, because they do not always correspond to reality, and certain statements can be attributed to anyone. But official sites, interviews published by reputable web resources are quite suitable. Linking to Wikipedia is also discouraged.

Use quotation marks when cite the direct speech. If you do not need to quote a whole section of the text, use ellipsis to shorten it. But watch out for the original thought and punctuation. If you are generalizing the author’s point of view, then you do not need to use quotation marks. There are several standards for citation and formatting. One of the most common is the MLA (Modern Language Association) standard.

Useful quotes for essay are usually short. A long quote can take you away from the main point, and also suggests more insight on your part.

At the end of the essay, indicate a list of sources that you use in your work or cite. The list is arranged in accordance with certain rules and includes the full name of the author and the title of the source, volume, issue number, date of publication, URL (if the source was found online). If you are using the online version of a printed book, you do not need to cite the source as digital.

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