Ways of describing and characterizing a person in an Essay

Ways of describing and characterizing a person in an Essay

Ways of describing and characterizing a person in an Essay

A descriptive essay involves describing and expressing a subjective opinion about a specific subject – a book, film, music album, etc. Quite often, it is suggested to write a description of a person essay, the main purpose of which is to characterize a certain person. Descriptive paragraph about a person assumes a description not only of appearance, but also of character, temperament, personal qualities of a certain person, some actions, patterns of behavior in a given situation. This article will cover the topic of writing such an essay and some tips for descriptive essay.

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Start of a description assumes the choice of the object of research and the rationale for such a choice. Usually extraordinary historical personalities are chosen – outstanding politicians, artists, scientists, athletes, etc.

The description of person essay should include consideration of such aspects

  • Historical information about the person. What kind of person is this, and why did you decide to describe him, what trace he left in history, what are the main points of his biography.
  • A person’s appearance. Everyone knows that appearance is far from the main thing in a person, however, appearance forms a visual image, the way how the person is perceived. Describe the facial features of the person, the manner of dressing, what image is created when looking at this person.
  • Manners and behaviors. Describe the features of the behavior of this individual, his worldview, habits. Describe the goals of his activity and the methods by which the hero achieves his goals.
  • Person’s character. If there should be no problems with describing the appearance, then it is more and more difficult with the research of personality. Here you will have to get acquainted with memoirs, memoirs of contemporaries, find interviews with this person or about him. What character traits helped him become who he became?
  • Worldview. In a deep study of personality, it is important to understand not only what a person did, but how he thought, how he came to certain conclusions. What external and internal conditions formed his beliefs.
  • Emotions. How did your character show his emotions? How did he react to certain events? For example, how he reacted to failures – lost his temper or showed composure. What kind of temperament does the hero of your description have, what is his sense of humor?
  • Output. If in the introductory part we mention what contribution a person has made to the development of mankind, then in the conclusion we should try to figure out what is the key to the success of this person. What can we learn from the hero of the description, what mistakes to avoid. What character traits helped him, and what hindered him?

Main tips for writing a good descriptive essay

  • Write a rough plan for your work. If the rules do not set specific points of the plan, do it for yourself, it will be easier to structure the text.
  • Despite the specifics of writing a descriptive paragraph about a person, stick to the traditional structure of your text, which consists of an introduction, body and conclusions.
  • Choose a person with whom you are familiar or who is close to you in spirit.
  • Find the optimal balance between brevity and information content. Do not overload the text with unnecessary information, define the important and the secondary. Describe only the most significant personality traits.

There are many examples of description of a person essays on the Internet. Most likely, you will not be the first to describe an exact historical person. Use examples for inspiration, do not use other people’s work, otherwise your text will not pass the plagiarism check. Well, the main tip for writing the best possible descriptive essay is to entrust the matter to professionals. Contact us and you will receive an original high-quality copyright text, made in accordance with the strictest standards!

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