Your Personal Statement and 4 signs of its accomplishment

Your Personal Statement and 4 signs of its accomplishment


  1. It answers all questions and is within the word limit
    Let’s face it – you do not need common app personal statement course to be able to write great
    personal statements. Most universities use the common application essays as a way of
    determining both suitability and eligibility. Furthermore, many particular forms the prospective
    student is required to fill enable the university admission team to gauge and discern which
    individuals deserve a place in the university. Not only do the students have to answer these
    prompts, but they also have to be wary of the word count. The experts and tutor are often asked,
    “How long should a personal statement be for common app?” The answer is very simple and
    straightforward: the word limit for the personal statement in common application essays is
    typically around 650 words. The ability to communicate effectively using an optimum number of
    words enhances the chances of the student to be selected by the team. Furthermore, the student
    must first understand the prompts before answering the questions to avoid the risk of writing
    great essays which nevertheless fail to address the instructions.
  2. The essay is about you as a great student and a great person
    In writing an application essay, a common question students ask themselves is, “what is the
    personal statement for common app essay?” A personal statement is a written account of the
    student aiming to persuade the admission team why one deserves to be accepted into the
    university. Do not be afraid to go big and do not be shy, this is not the time or place to hide your
    talents. The student should write an essay that clearly and succinctly highlights the brightest and
    most successful moments of one’s life, the positive sides about one’s personality, experiences
    and competencies. The essay should be unique; if anyone else decides to reuse this particular
    piece of writing, it would make little sense.
  3. Be honest

Any common app personal statement course will teach you that honesty is absolutely the best
policy when it comes to writing a college essay. Honesty is always the characteristic of choice
because it is easier to recollect and defend. Therefore, the prospective student should write an
essay that truthfully depicts the person’s talents and brightest moments in life and presents an
adequate sum of the experiences. An honest essay will help the admission team to select the
candidate based on one’s merit and potential. Writing a story about how you saved 20 people
from the pirates in the ocean may seem really exciting, but hardly believable.

  1. It leaves the reader wanting more
    A college essay is often a critical determining factor in whether a student joins a college. If
    you’re still wondering on the word limit for the personal statement in common application, you
    should consult our experts. A college essay requires special attention and dedication to harness
    its potential and convince the admission board that deserves a chance. To this effect, the goal is
    to leave a lasting impression on admissions officers. Furthermore, the essay must impress the
    readers and prompt the admissions board to meet the student in real life. It is important to
    cultivate intrigue by expressing competencies and experiences briefly using words. Therefore,
    intrigue can be developed by executing a deft conclusion, choosing the right topic, maintaining a
    personal tone, and other writing techniques. The student should also remember how long should
    a personal statement be for common app as part of the intrigue.


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